July 20, 2010

Easy, Fast, and Yummy Dinner Rolls

Makes 48
1 cup sugar
1 cup real margarine or butter
3 cups milk
1 cup hot water
4 eggs
11 cups flour
4 Tablespoons Saf Instant Yeast
4 teaspoons salt

Combine milk, sugar, margarine, and water. Heat in microwave until warm, about 3-4 minutes. Using a mixer with bread hooks, start mixing. Add eggs and half of flour. Mix well. Add yeast and salt, continue mixing. Add remaining flour. When mixed in, turn to high speed and let kneed for 11 minutes. When finished mixing, turn out on floured cloth and divide into 4 balls (for recipe for 48) Using rolling pin, roll first ball into a circle the size of a pizza. Using pizza cutter, cut circle into twelve wedges. To form a roll, take wedge of dough, fold in corners so they meet. Then roll up like a croissant. Place in greased pan (2 cookie sheets for 48 recipe. 9x13 size for 12). Let raise about 15 minutes, until puffy. Bake at 375 10-12 minutes or until dark golden brown. Optional: rub tops of rolls with a square of margarine.

This recipe is also great for sweet rolls. After mixing, roll dough into a rectangle. Spread two cubes (for 48 recipe) of softened butter on dough. And sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon or brown sugar and coconut. Roll and cut with string or dental floss about 1” thick. Place on greased pan close to each other so they will raise tall and not spread out too flat. Bake until dark golden brown. Frost when cool with cream cheese frosting—8 oz cream cheese softened,½ cup butter softened, and about 2 lbs powdered sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla and enough milk to make a fluffy consistency.

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Myersville said...

I think you saved my Christmas dinner!

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