October 30, 2013

BBQ Chicken Spinach Wraps

These are super fast and super yummy!

Spinach Wraps
8 servings

Ingredients for shopping:
8 Spinach wraps (can use any flavor, but I think the spinach tastes the best)
Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce or your favorite BBQ sauce
Ranch Dressing
3 Chicken Breast (You can get about three servings per chicken breast.)
1/2 c Shredded Cheese (1-2 Tbsp per wrap)
1/2 c Corn (frozen or canned)
1/2 c Black beans Drained and Rinsed
2-3 Fresh tomatoes, diced
Shredded Lettuce or Spinach

Marinate chicken in BBQ sauce and then grill. You can cut the chicken into strips or cube it. If cubed, you can use about 1/4 cup of chicken per wrap. Let cool and serve cold. (At this point you can freeze the chicken for future fast serve Spinach wraps.

Take your spinach wrap  and spread
 1-2 tbsp. BBQ Sauce
 1-2 tbsp. Ranch dressing
Then place your chicken and sprinkle with shredded cheese, 2 T of corn,  2 T of black beans, and a spoonful of chopped tomatoes. 
You can then fill with shredded lettuce or spinach. 

Wrap it up and devour!!        

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